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Martha's Matrix is Your New Beginning

Imagine paying $100.00 for a new business then opening the doors for the first time to find the cash registers overflowing and thousands of customers waiting to buy your products. This is the purpose of Martha’s Matrix. Just two decades ago that would be an impossible scenario. Today it is a real possibility thanks to the Internet. If you live in the USA, then the store you purchase will be a legitimate business. The purchase price is tax deductible. In addition, you can write off all business expenses associated with running your business such as: computers, software, office, telephones, recruiting trips and many other legitimate business expenses.

The Structure of Martha's Matrix..

The Internet is providing the basis for thousands of innovative new businesses. The one thing they have in common is that they are all trying to sell you something. Large corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars, advertising their products in order to get and keep your attention. Once they have your attention, products flow through a network of representatives, distributors and dealers. That means each time you purchase a product from a store, you are paying a very significant portion of the purchase price to the media and all of those people upstream from you. In effect, you are the bottom component of a network that if sketched out would look like a very large pyramid. Virtually all social and economic systems work like this. The cake is at the top and a few crumbs are allowed to trickle down the slope. You have probably heard the term "trickle down economics." EVERY CONSUMER OF CONVENTIONALLY MARKETED GOODS IS AT THE BOTTOM OF A STRUCTURE THAT RESEMBLES A PYRAMID!

The structure of Martha’s Matrix allows each of its members to place themselves on top of their own mountain and reap all of the rewards that would ordinarily roll up to all of those organizations mentioned above. It is really that simple. The only thing that prevents the average person from being financially successful is their own perception of what economic systems are and how they work. Shut down your emotions, rely on pure logic for just a minute, and look at the structure of Martha’s Matrix. It is impossible to fail if everyone just follows a few simple directions. If you cooperate with a few peers instead of a Mega Corporation everyone benefits. Trillions of dollars spent over many decades persuaded people to willingly accept their position at the bottom of the pyramid. Help Martha’s Matrix explain to others how the game works.

How it works

Look at Martha’s Matrix from your individual part. The system works by forming a cooperative bond with seven others. When you activate the store you created for $100.00, you are giving a commission to seven other people. Later when you buy a product from your store, you are giving a profit to five other people. You also get a commission from direct sales from purchases from your store. When viewed in this light it doesn’t seem very intimidating. Every person who joins gives the profit from their purchases to seven other people instead of Walmart or wherever they might buy their supplements. Your personal success in life could ultimately rest with your willingness to cooperate with seven other people.

The genius of this business is its simplicity. All you have to do is:

  1. Create your personal store--- It’s free!
  2. Tell your friends.
  3. Wait for enough people to join (ensuring the momentum for your personal success).
  4. Activate your store.
  5. Shop at your store.

You will not be asked to activate your store until our membership is large enough to create the momentum that will maximize the potential for success for all our members.

Becoming a Martha's Matrix Affiliate will almost certainly change your life. Click Here to sign up now! It's free and fun!

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