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Question What are my obligations if I join Martha’s Matrix?
Answer None! Joining is free and there is no requirement to purchase anything. You must purchase a store at launch time if you want to receive commissions but that is strictly up to you.
Question How much can I make at launch time if I sign up seven people who in turn sign up 7, etc., for 7 levels?
Answer If you and everyone in your completed matrix signs up seven people and everyone buys a store at launch time your commission will be $5,764,801.
Question Will I be able to sign up after the Explosion of Wealth?
Answer Yes, we will make provisions for subsequent referred applicants, and it may not be free.
Question Why the Explosion of Wealth?
Answer It is our way to guarantee success for the company and its distributors before distributors must spend any money. A successful launch will facilitate rapid (perhaps explosive) growth afterwards.
Question Is there any advantage to getting in now as opposed to later, after the launch?
Answer It is always best to be in anything at the beginning before it gets valuable. The first million members will find that it definitely works to their advantage.
Question Will I have to promote my store in order to be successful?
Answer Your store is your source of sales and profits. There will be a requirement that you have a minimum sale each month from your store in order to collect down-line commissions. The amount will be minimal, probably $50.00 or less. If you have established your matrix by referring others, your own small purchase at the store will yield significant monthly commissions.

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