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About the Explosion of Wealth

When enough people have signed up, Martha's Matrix will create an explosion of wealth that will be heard around the world. It's purpose is to launch your new business with enough force to propel it to immediate success. The chain reaction of a successful launch will create an explosive demand for new stores that pay commissions to existing storeowners. Here is how it will work.

1.  Join Martha's Matrix now. It is absolutely free.

2.  You will be asked to offer the opportunity to others (remember it's free), when they join, they indicate they were referred by you by using your code which you will supply to them with in the form of a web page link.

3.  When we have at least one million members signed up we will notify everyone by posting launch information on Martha's Matrix home page and also by email. At that point you will be required to pay a one-time activation fee for your store ($100.00).

How it works..

The explosion of wealth will generate a commission of $7.00 for seven levels from the matrix you created by offering the opportunity to others. A completed matrix based on your referring 10 others and each referral doing the same for seven levels will pay a very significant profit. In fact it is so significant that perhaps you should figure it out for yourself so that you aren't distracted from filling out the membership form correctly. When you have time, after joining Martha's Matrix, figure it out. Just take 10 to the 7th power times $7.00 and that is only the 7th level! If you get in early enough to make it to that seventh level, your financial worries are over, forever! Regardless how soon you join, the force of the explosion will provide the means to take you as far as you want to go. There will be many people anxious to sign up and they will need a referral to do it. Every new member must be referred by a current member in order to join. It should be noted here that you must buy a store in order to receive commissions. The store will be your permanent source of income.

That's it! Click here to join Martha's Matrix and start emailing your friends to share the opportunity. Be sure to give your friends your signup link, which they will use when they sign up. You will be given your signup link via email as soon as you sign up. New members will only need to click your signup link to signup for themselves.

Remember, this costs you absolutely nothing and will require no purchases until your success is virtually guaranteed by the million member explosion of wealth. If you decide to spend that hundred bucks when the time comes, you may never need a job again. It's always better when we can work for fun!

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